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  • Description
    A high-quality, inexpensive power supply for PC assembly. This PSU is recommended for assenblers and the corporate sector. The unit has a low-noise 120mm fan. The efficiency of the power supply is 82-85%. The PSU is designed for use in a 230V network.
  • Specification
    Output Power 400W        

    Voltage +12V +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V

    Max Load 30A 17A 16A 2.5A 0.3A

    Combined Power 360W 100W 12.5W 3.6W

    Connector 20+4PIN CPU (4+4) HDD FDD SATA PCIE 6pin PCIE (6+2)
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    230V only

    Efficiency 82% - 85% - 82%