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  • Description
    A qualitative and inexpensive PSU for PC. Recommended for Gamers. Meets the standard 80+ GOLD. Thanks to the low-noise 140mm fan the PSU is very quiet. Modular cables make the PC assembly comfortable.
  • Specification
    Output Power 1050W          
    Voltage +12V1 +12V2 +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V
    Max Load 40А 60А 25A 25A 4A 0.8A
    Combined Power 1050W 150W 20W 9.6W
    Combined Power 179.6W

    Connector 20+4PIN CPU (4+4) HDD FDD SATA PCIE (6+2)
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    115Vac/11A max


    80+ GOLD

    80+ GOLD

    Low-noise FAN 140мм

    Modular cable