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  • Description
    The having of cables of Dual series solves the problem of purchasing and carrying extra wires. The smart solution 2-in-1 (connector + adaptor) allows to connect devices Micro USB or Type-C with a single cable. Cables support a quick charging and fully compatible with modern gadgets. The reversible Type-A connector allow do not think about plugging way. Jacket made of TPE for more durability and use on a frost. The flexible Flat-Noodle cord reduce the chance of tangling and damaging. The unique design does the cable not like others. Laminated metal tips will save the appearance longer than usual.
  • Specification
    Type of cable 2-in-1 Type-C + Micro USB
    USB Type A Reversible
    Jacket TPE
    Color Blue
    Core Tin-plated copper
    Length 100cм
    Operating voltage 3~20V
    Max voltage 100V
    Resistance <0,3Ω
    Insulation >10MΩ
    Thermal Resistance >150°C
    Using range -50°C ~ +120°C
    Data rate 480Mbps
    Coating of contacts Nickel plated