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  • Description
    The main feature of the cables from series Infinity - increased length, up to 120cm! All of the cables support a quick charging and full compatibility with modern gadgets. Jacket made of TPE for more durability and use on a frost. The flat cord with highest flexibility allow to reduce the chance of tangling and damaging the cable. Thin tips allow to charge devices even into thick covers. Metal tips with original shape and bright colors does a cable the not like others.
  • Specification
    Type of cable Micro USB
    Jacket TPE
    Color Black
    Core Tin-plated copper
    Length 120cm
    Operating voltage 3~20V
    Max voltage 100V
    Resistance <0,35Ω
    Insulation >10MΩ
    Thermal Resistance >150°C
    Using range -50°C ~ +120°C
    Data rate 480Mbps
    Coating of contacts Nickel plated