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  • Description
    The laconic and amazing shape with bright colors does the cable the original and lets to call it a Style. Flat jacket is made of TPE, which allows to use cable even on frost and don’t worry about tangling. Metal tips and original form are pleasant for looking and touching. Besides thin tips allow charging even rugged phones or phones into thick covers.
  • Specification
    Type of cable Ligtning
    Jacket TPE
    Color Orange
    Core Tin-plated copper
    Length 3ft
    Operating voltage 3~10V
    Max voltage 100V
    Resistance <0,4Ω
    Insulation >10MΩ
    Thermal Resistance >150°C
    Using range -50°C ~ +120°C
    Data rate 480Mbps
    Coating of contacts Nickel plated